Lately, I’ve been replacing Netflix with Youtube and have been playing videos that inspire productivity and organization and honestly, I feel like it is it a small thing that makes a big difference in my life.

You are what you consume

Kimberley Bueno-Schonig

I’ve come up with this mental mantra of ‘you are what you consume’ because I’ve noticed that when I’m watching videos about drama happening on the internet, I find myself waking up late, mentally unproductive, feeling off, and more. However, I do find a change in my mentality {one that I prefer} when I’m watching others be productive, cleaning their home, or showing me how they organize their own space.

I’m obsessed with the following Youtube channels as I have found them to be motivating for me and inspiring to get my 2020 year going. I like to watch these videos while I’m doing chores or whenever I’m feeling like I need to change up my mindset.


I recently came across Muchelle and I’ve been really obsessed with her aesthetic and her mindset. I am really impressed with her determination to complete and follow through with her goals and being able to manifest what she is working towards. I really enjoy that her videos are pretty raw and honest, but very clean, professional, and straight to the point.


What I enjoy most about Lavendaire is that she brings a very unique take on how to approach life and manifest your goals and aspirations. She has amazing videos that educate you on how you can be a better version of yourself and if that’s your jam, make sure to watch her.


Koze was once a beauty channel and I loved her personality and her editing style. Koze now shares a lot about self-improvement. Her style is now more of a chit chat style which is not my favorite but her experiences, but I do think she shares a lot of great value.

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Matt D’Avella

Matt’s style of editing is one that has captured my interest and I do think he shares a lot of value in his videos. It is clear that he puts a lot of time and effort in all that he does. He is definitely one to check out.

Study With Jess

Study with Jess is one that I came across more recently and I am already in love with. I love her take on how she creates her videos and the content she provides. I think she shares insight on a different level that I wouldn’t have even thought of.