My Top Coffee Spots in Hoboken

I wouldn’t call myself a coffee expert. I am not super particular about coffee, but I will always remember when I get a bad cup of coffee. These are just some of my favorite coffee Spots in Hoboken! The list below is not in any particular order, but you should definitely check out all these spots!

Is there a coffee spot I should check out? Let me know as I’m more than happy to expand my coffee horizon.

Empire Coffee and Tea

This spot is located on 3rd and Bloomfield and may not look like your typical coffee spot, but let me tell you… they have a such a large variety of coffee that you can choose from and the coffee will warm your mornings. This place usually has a fast-moving line in the morning because it’s so good, and everyone who lives nearby knows it’s the place to go for your morning cup.

Bwe Kafe

Bwe is consistently expanding and I’m not surprised because they have delicious coffee! Beyond coffee, they carry excellent baked goods, teas, and other seasonal treats (like blood orange lemonade in the summer)! They are pretty unique in that the shop is run by a family based in Hoboken {support small businesses!}. They are opening another location in Hoboken – 1401 Adams St. Hoboken, New Jersey on January 13th!

Anthony David’s

This is a great spot if you have some extra time to accompany your coffee with some great food! They have amazing outdoor space as well if you want to take a moment to relax, sip your coffee, and people watch along the intersection of 10th and Washington / Bloomfield.

Hidden Grounds

This spot also has amazing coffee! Not only does it have great coffee, but this spot is such a cute and cozy location that I’d say it is totally Instagram worthy! They sell bags of coffee to take home, and the Peruvian is some of the best coffee we’ve brewed ourselves!

Black Rail Coffee

If you take the light rail, this place might be your holy grail because this place has such great coffee and since it’s right in front of the light rail – you can quickly pop in, grab your coffee, and go! The coffee is excellent, as are the seasonal offerings (ie. hibiscus tea and lemonade in the summer).

Turning Point

Another amazing spot for commuters to grab great coffee for your commute! Right across from the Hoboken Ferry, you can enjoy quick and fast good coffee to take with you! If you want to stay and sit with your coffee, Turning Point has amazing views of the New York skyline, all the way from Washington Heights to the Financial District!