If you’re a local or a tourist looking for some good food spots in Hoboken, then this list is for you. I absolutely LOVE food so much and I am more inclined to go back to a place over and over again if I love it and will usually never return if I couldn’t swallow the food.

Hoboken has a pizza and pasta spot every other corner and unfortunately, I’m just someone that doesn’t craves pasta or pizza frequently, so this list is good for someone who is looking for something different to eat. Check out my favorite spots for non-Italian food and I’ve even broken it down by breakfast, lunch/brunch, and dinner.

*All photos provided were taken by Kimberley Bueno-Schonig


Carpe Diem

If you’ve ever been to Ireland and have tasted their Irish Breakfast and loved it – this place is going to be a game changer for you. Tom and I absolutely love going to this place for their Irish Breakfast. Honestly hands down this place is AMAZING and we pretty much order extra blood sausage if they have extra in their inventory. They know that whenever we come – it is to devour their blood sausage.

Tosti Cafe & Kitchen

I love coming to this spot to get their traditional country breakfast, chicken and waffles, or their huevos rancheros. YUM! They also have really good vanilla chai latte as well!

Turning Point

If you’d like to experience beautiful views with breakfast, definitely check out Turning Point! It has more of a diner feel but still very different. We love coming here when we want more of a diner meal and good coffee!

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The Madison Bar & Grill

One of our favorite things to order from this place is their Lamb burger! If you’re a meat lover, you have to try their lamb burger! It’s one of the things I find myself ordering over and over again.


Amanda’s is such a great spot if you’re looking for a perfect date night location. Not only do they have amazing food, but the interior aesthetic is amazing! They have an amazing brunch that you need to check out!

Shaka Bowl

This is one of my go-to spots in downtown Hoboken because their ingredients are super fresh and they do not disappoint! I absolutely love their bowls, tacos, and of course their famous Cinnamon Toast Crunch smoothie.

Garlic and Tahini

This hole in the wall is a must-try because this is a true authentic spot for great schwarma. We absolutely love the meat here and the price is sooooo good for the quality of food.

Elysian Cafe

We absolutely love coming here on Mondays because you get two entrees for the price of one! How can you beat that? On top of that, the food here is so good and a place you may end up going to over and over again.

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Alibaba in Hoboken is one of my favorite food spots and whenever Tom and I come to this spot, we always ordered their Thieves Platter and pretty much obliterate the food in two seconds. This spot is a little hidden so you may have to keep an extra eye out but honestly, if you’re a meat lover like myself – this place will make you want to come back.


We absolutely love coming to Barbes and eat all of their appetizers! As you can tell from our photos, we pretty much order every single item that we can find on their appetizers because that’s how much we love their food! Also, if you’re a tea fan, definitely order their Moroccan tea and you’ll thank me!

Sushi Lounge

Sushi Lounge will always have a spot in my stomach because they have amazing sushi and such a great vibe! Not only do they serve you with great sushi and non-sushi options, they have so many awesome happy hour deals on the daily.

Stingray Lounge

Those that are oyster lovers, Stingray Lounge is a spot you need to check out! We love their oysters and on some days they even have 50% off oysters! Don’t forget to try their lobster rolls because they are super tasty!

Tutta Pesca

If you don’t know Tutta Pesca by now, you have not lived! Stop by this amazing spot for seafood because they know fresh seafood. This place does not disappoint and you leave very satisfied!


Orale is such a good spot if you’re craving some Mexican food and if you want to have a drink or two along with your food. You can’t go wrong with this place and honestly the aesthetic is also Instagram worthy!