BaconFest 2020

When I heard about this BaconFest happening in Jersey City, Tom and I knew we had to check it out. Read more to learn about what our experience and what to expect!

Zeppelin Hall

BaconFest happens at Zeppelin Hall located in Jersey City and this year it ends on January 26th. Zeppelin Hall Biergarten is incredibly large so it is great to come with a group of friends and when it’s nice outside you can enjoy their outdoor seating. If you’re thinking about having a date here, they have a fireplace indoors that can give you the ambiance you’re looking for.

What To Expect

When you come in, you’ll see a bunch of tables and this place is a type where you can choose you’re seating. You will not need to wait for a waiter to come sit you down. Once you’re seated, someone will come to you, hand you the menu, and take your order. There’s no cover – which is AMAZING! and you can enjoy drinking whatever you like. They have a long list of amazing drinks that you can pair with your orders so try a different drink if you’d like!


Tom and I are bacon lovers so of course we had to try more than 1 item from their menu. This year they had a large list of bacon specialty items. If you’re interested, they posted their menu on their Instagram so you can gaze at their awesome list online.

We ordered the bacon mac and cheese, bacon pretzel, bacon smores, bacon jalapeno poppers, and their Instagram worthy bacon clothesline.

Bacon Mac and Cheese

This entree was one of my favorites. I absolutely loved their mac and cheese and the bacon mixed in. If I were to come back, I would definitely order this again. And if you’re drinking a Stella, this dish pairs really well with it in my opinion!

Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

I absolutely loved these jalapeno poppers! They have cheese in the middle and my mouth watered with every bite. The only thing is that I wish there were more of it!

Bacon Pretzel

I think this pretzel would’ve been amazing if it was all covered in bacon and came with some spicy mustard. They give you three types of sauces but I wasn’t a huge fan of the sauces, but it was great to take home and continue eating!

Bacon Clothesline

If you’re looking to eat plain bacon, definitely order this. They provide you with thick slices of their bacon and a side of fries. I thought this was a pretty cool setup and if you’re looking to Instagram your food, check this item out!

Bacon Smores

This will be a great item to order if you’re on a date or you’re hanging out with a group of friends! I personally do not like bacon with marshmallows; but I love the fact I had my own personal campfire where I could roast marshmallows and eat them without judgement!

My Final Thoughts

I definitely think that if you’re looking for something to do this week, you should check it out! Order the bacon mac and cheese, jalapeno poppers, and the bacon smores! This place is worth checking out and while you’re at it – eat bacon!