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About Lokal Eatery & Bar

Lokal is a culinary hub for Jersey City’s global culture. Communal in nature, Lokal showcases locally sourced ingredients transformed into worldwide flavors by Michelin-trained Chef Walter Donadio.

Lokal Eatery & Bar is a modern american restaurant located at 2 2nd St, Jersey City, NJ 07302. This restaurant is owned by Mona Panjwani.

They are participating during Hudson Restaurant Week so be sure to stop by and take advantage of the great deals they have to offer! You can check out what their special deals are by clicking here.

What To Expect

This restaurant is located by the water so expect to have some gorgeous views with your meal. When you enter you’ll see a beautiful open space with a range of high tops, low tables, and a beautiful spacious bar.

They have an awesome happy hour that is every day from 5-7pm. You can take a look at their happy hour menu here.

What To Order

Complimentary Bread

One thing about me is that I love free bread. What I thought was so unique about Lokal is that they offer you a basket with a variety of bread so you can pick and choose the bread that you feel like eating.

Complimentary Beet Juice {Daily complimentary drinks may vary}

I absolutely love getting complimentary drinks and food and trying things for the first time. This complimentary beet juice was tasty and a great way to start our meal. Because we were here on a Sunday morning, I think they purposely paired this drink for guests that came in the morning, but I wouldn’t expect to have complimentary drinks every time.

White Anchovies, Lamb Burger, Belgian Waffle

Tom and I pretty much devoured everything at our table. We love anchovies so when we saw that they had white anchovies we knew we had to try it. It was so good that I was very tempted to order another round!

The waffles were the right amount of thickness. The fruit/jam they provide you with was not necessarily my cup of tea, but I actually thought it paired well with the waffles.

And since Tom and I are huge lamb burger fanatics, we knew we had to try it here. The lamb burger was also great to have!

Steak & Eggs

Whenever Tom and I try a new restaurant and one that so happens to have steak and eggs, we always order a steak and eggs. We personally loved it! They incorporate small details in their dishes that I appreciate like cutting up the steak for you, but still giving you a generous amount. And since I like my steak with some hot sauce, I had to of course combined it together and oh boy was it mouth watering. I typically prefer home fries over these style of potatoes, but I think it was still a great addition to the plate.


This place does offer you a wide variety of drinks and cocktails and we of course had to try! What I love most is that the drinks we ordered were strong {love it strong}, so I appreciate that the drinks weren’t watered down and the presentation of each drink was clearly thoughtful.

My Final Thoughts

I personally enjoyed coming here on a Sunday morning when the restaurant just opened up and you can enjoy the view with your meal. Everything we had was incredible and would reorder. We paired our meal with a negroni and it was a great start to our Sunday! This is a place you must check out!

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