A personal favorite spot for self care is this amazing sauna in Jersey City called SW3AT Sauna Studio! Prior to ever using a sauna, my knowledge of all the benefits that come with sauna usage was pretty close to none. But after our first session here, Tom and I have been obsessed! Read more to learn about the health benefits of using a sauna and why you should check out SW3AT Sauna!

About SW3AT Sauna Studio

SW3AT is Jersey City’s 1st Infrared Sauna Studio located in Historic Downtown. 

SW3AT Sauna is located 172 Newark Ave, Third Floor, in Jersey City. Their location is easily accessible by the PATH Train, so you won’t have to worry about having a car to make sure you take care of yourself.

What Is A Sauna?

According to Harvard Medical School…

The modern sauna is a simple unpainted room with wooden walls and benches. A rock-filled electric heater keeps the temperature at about 90° at floor level and boosts it to about 185° at the top. Unlike Turkish baths, Finnish saunas are very dry. Humidity levels are just 10% to 20%. Water drains through the floor to keep things dry. In a good sauna, an efficient ventilation system exchanges the air 3 to 8 times an hour.

What Health Benefits Do You Get From It?

There have been lots of research that tells you saunas are good for you, and the health benefits that come with it. According to an article on NPR…

Heart rate increases with full-body heat exposure. That helps improve cardiac output. Saunas also seem to improve the function of the blood vessels.

Of course, if you have certain known health issues, it is always important to first consult your primary care provider just to make sure it is okay for you to do a sauna.

How Much Does It Cost?

A single session is $39.99, but you can purchase a package (if you end up loving it) to help save you some money! What’s is amazing about their sauna sessions is that you get your own private room so you don’t need to worry about being in a sauna with strangers. They also provide you with water and face towels when your session is complete. You can also enjoy music in the sauna as each room can connect to your phone by Bluetooth!

What Makes SW3AT Sauna different?

Tom and I love supporting small businesses because we understand how crucial it is to do so. This amazing spot is run by Jersey City resident, Alyza Brevard-Rodriguez. Alyza is community leader that pretty much does it all (small business owner, veteran, and mother). We also love seeing Lexi as she is so friendly and accommodating. One of my favorite parts of doing a session is their amazing CBD water. OH MY GOODNESS. GAME CHANGER. I have tried so many CBD products and they have not provided the relief that I need for my anxiety and oh boy do I love their water.

My Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a go-to spot for saunas, this spot is for you! Not only are you getting amazing service, you get your own private room. You can read, listen to music – do what you need to do to relax and enjoy your session. Since this is a personal favorite of mine, I honestly believe you should try it out and see if it’s for you!