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About The Boil

Cajun Style Fresh Seafood Boil in a friendly environment.  Our food speaks for itself. Seafood is ordered by the lb with your choice of sauce and spice.

​The Boil in Jersey City recently opened its doors on February 14th, 2020. They are located at 8 Erie St. I highly recommend having a reservation (which you can make here) as this place can get crowded real fast and if you’re coming hungry like I am, you know you don’t want to wait too long.

What To Expect

This restaurant is located in Jersey City but is still pretty close to Hoboken, so a car ride there and back won’t be too much if you’re looking to use a ride-share app.

The restaurant is incredibly spacious and large with a bar to your right when you enter and tons of tables for those interested in a sit-down experience.

What To Order

King Crab Legs & Dungeness Crab

This order is what makes me want to come back. We ordered the ‘medium’ spicy with ‘The Boil’ sauce and oh man oh man… is my mouth watering right now. I wish I could eat this everyday SO GOOD!

You are supplied with your own bib and each person has their own cracker and gloves, which will be helpful when you want to keep your hands a little clean.

Splurge on Shrimp, Oysters

Now if you’re thinking of splurging, you should order their oysters and shrimp! Their oysters had a refreshing taste to it and the shrimp were plump and covered in Old Bay seasoning, so I felt like it was worth the extra bucks. I will note that they don’t provide you with horseradish like your usual oyster spot – but the quality isn’t poor. If you’re like me and like to have a lot of cocktail sauce, the customer service is great so feel free to ask away!


This was my first time eating Crawfish and I really enjoyed how much you get. Now I personally am not a fan of Crawfish after trying, but I think it’s something you should definitely try! If you order a combo, you get 1 pound of Crawfish, potatoes, and corn and along with a main course of your choosing.

Bloody Mary & Gumbo

I will be honest and say I thought the gumbo was small but I thought it was delicious! And if you’re a fan of Bloody Mary’s, you should definitely order theirs because it is something worth trying!

My Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of seafood, this place is a MUST! I am obsessed with this place and I am so happy that they popped up in Jersey City, because you will definitely find me eating here way too many times. Each bite was mind-blowing and I am itching to come back. Definitely check them out and let them know I sent you! Just something to note – this restaurant is CASH only. They do offer an ATM by the restrooms, but since it does charge a fee, it wouldn’t hurt to bring cash beforehand from your designated bank.