Hoboken Resident Brianna [Shaka Bowl] Showcases Her Cooking Skills On Rachael Ray Show

I’m all about supporting local women in my community and showcasing their talents on my website! I’m so excited to have you learn more about Brianna Peguero!

I met Brianna Peguero a few months ago at Shaka Bowl‘s Cancer Benefit and three year anniversary party. It was clear that she had ambition and ready to make waves, and she has! She was recently on The Rachael Ray Show and it couldn’t have been a more amazing episode! You can check out part of the episode by clicking here.

About Brianna Peguero

Meet Brianna [noted as BP later in the article]. She’s 21 and born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey! She is a Sous Chef / Kitchen Manager at Shaka Bowl. Keep reading to learn more about her!

Tell us about how you learned to cook

BP: Growing up I was always in the kitchen watching my mom, grandmother, and my aunts throw it down! My whole family is really into cooking so any chance I got I would be right in the kitchen next to them watching super close. Also I watched a whole lot of food network. Especially 30 Minute meals with Rachael Ray. [Editor’s note: you can check out her recipe that was featured on Rachael Ray by clicking here]

What are you favorite foods to eat and cook?

BP: My favorite meal to eat is definitely Arroz con Gandules, Pernil, Potato Salad, and an Empanada on the side. Also, if anyone wants to ever bring me a Cheesesteak on Garlic Bread from Midtown Philly Steaks in Hoboken you might become my best friend. I love to take things that don’t usually go together and see what I can create. Kind of like chopped style with whatever i have in my fridge and pantry. I’m willing to cook anything and follow any recipe. I would like to call my style of cooking simple yet extremely flavorful. 

What do you look for when you eat at other restaurants?

BP: First thing I look for is good customer service. I just need a kind staff that will make you go into your dining experience with a happy heart! I feel like eating is so rewarding, and the experience starts as soon as you enter any establishment. I also look at the prices. I am currently balling on a budget some might call it. 

So exciting that you were on the Rachael Ray Show! What was that experience like? How did that happen?

BP: Shaka Bowl was a vendor at the New York City Wine and Food Festival, where Rachael did a cooking demonstration. I went up to the mic, introduced myself and said, “I’m a really big fan of yours and I don’t know if I would be standing here if it wasn’t for you today.”  She brought me onstage, I went up there and gave her a hug. I was in shock. I felt like I knew Rachael forever — I kind of did, because I watched her all the time. But the best part was knowing that she was actually really genuine.

After the New York City Wine and Food Festival, Rachael expressed that she wanted me to be on her show, I automatically said yes. It was not a decision I had to think about at all. NYCWFF was in October of 2019, we shot my segment in November, and it aired February 25th, 2020!

What other endeavors or projects are you working on?

BP: I want to start a Youtube page, that will focus on food, fun, and entertainment, stay tuned!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

BP: My biggest inspiration would have to be Kiersten and Krista Gormeley. The positive energy, passion, and commitment they radiate is incredible. I am sure anyone who has worked with the two ladies can basically say the same thing. They push me more than anyone has cared to push me in my whole life. They inspire me to be better, kinder, and to be successful. They are my family.

Be sure to check out Shaka Bowl in Hoboken [they have two locations!] and Brianna on Instagram [@bripee07]!