All About Front Line Appreciation Group [FLAG] – How You Can Get Involved & Help

If you’ve been feeling the itch to help your community, there’s been an amazing group that has been formed that can use YOUR help.

Local Hoboken Resident, Amy Frank Goldman, was inspired by the FLAG of Chatham and Madison and her along with a few others created FLAG of HBKN & JC.

I interviewed Amy to have her share some more insight on this group and how you can get involved. Keep reading to learn more.

About FLAG – Front Line Appreciation Group

Unfortunately my family was one of the first to come down with COVID 19, we were very lucky because we had the suffer in the comfort of my sisters house down the shore and did not require hospitalization.  While I was coughing my brains out and surfing news channels it became very apparent to me that these nurses, doctors, police officers and every other first line health care professional was going to have to fight a battle that was going to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  And with that a notification from Hoboken Mommies, someone had shared the success of the FLAG group of Chatham and Madison.   I read through their page and thought to myself, we are across the river from the newest ground zero, we need this.  


This is clearly an amazing initiative, what was the turning point to jump-starting this?

I am the founder and president of a wealth management firm here in Hoboken and with that I can not accept or donate large amounts of money.  I knew I needed a treasurer, and I got very lucky.  We found an amazing one. Once that piece of the puzzle was found the rest fell in to place, like within hours.  It must have been something people really wanted because the group caught fire.  It has been five days and we are approaching 2000 members.


How can people help? 

Donate, Deliver. Donate, Deliver.

We are laser focused on supporting those with an obvious need listed above, but there are others that we would love to show some love too.  The unsung heroes, like the pharmacist filling your prescriptions, the delivery person from your favorite restaurant, the check out clerk in the grocery story and even the families of first line health care professionals that have fallen ill with Corona virus.  The more resources we have the more we can do! On the other side of this is all of these amazing restaurants that we all have so many memories visiting that are circling the drain.  Please order dinner, and order direct.  Often there are embedded fees we aren’t aware the restaurants are paying.  Let help keep them afloat, and shout them out when you deliver a good meal.  They could use a high five right now!


Where can people donate? 






Where can one go to learn more?

Our Media genies are busy whipping up our site, it has only been a couple of days!  In the interim people can visit us on Facebook at and on Instagram at @flaghbkn