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With local non-essential small businesses being closed, you may not have the opportunity to go to your local hair stylist to make your look good – or even receive those valuable tips that help salvage your hair’s beauty at home.

Pre-COVID, I would stop by Blo-It-Out Lounge for all my hair needs. If you didn’t notice, I recently went blonde and that’s all thanks to Blo-It-Out {shout-out to Zonia}! Being a very dark brunette, it obviously took a lot of trips to get to the blonde I’m at now. That’s me in the photo below!

If you know your hair requires more maintenance, then you may be struggling like I am. Lucky for you I reached out to the hair professionals at Blo-It-Out Lounge and asked if they could share some tips!

If you end up going to Blo-It-Out Lounge after reading this {once everything is back to normal}, please let them know I sent you!

About Blo-It-Out Lounge

Blo-It-Out Lounge is a full service hair salon based in Uptown Hoboken, NJ {1212 Washington St} that offers blow-outs, hair cuts, and more! Not only do they take care of your hair and makeup for casual parties or events, they can always take care of you on special occasions…. like your wedding day or speaking at Propelify!

What To Expect

This woman-owned business is all about efficiency and making sure you feel good before you leave and walk out the door. When you enter you’ll notice a series of chairs with a lovely manager named Lorrie, ready to help you with anything you need. You’ll see some mirrors on the left lined up against the wall in conjunction with all the chairs you’ll encounter when you first walk in.

You’ll also notice a nice purple couch to your right where you can wait if you come a little early and enjoy a glass of water or even a refreshing glass of wine. Lorrie and team are ready to assist you with whatever!

Meet The Team


Desiree is a “jack of all trades”, specialized in hair cutting, texture, styling, keratin, and spray tanning. She is constantly inspired by fashion and the changing trends in the beauty industry. When not doing hair you can catch her at SoulCycle, yoga, or with her dog, Teddy.

Hair Tip #1: Use cold air from your hair dryer for extra shine


Nicole is the Makeup Queen – she’ll doll you up for any occasion! She loves to play with hair too: styling, hair cutting, and spray tanning.

Hair Tip #2: Use dry shampoo for a longer lasting blowout


Crystal always wants to learn and grow, and specializes in hair cutting, keratin, makeup, and spray tanning services. She’ll make sure her clients feel special and happy with their hair.

Hair Tip #3: For nice long-lasting curls, always hold your curling iron horizontally 


Elle is always bubbly and eager to please her clients through the end results of their session. She specializes in haircutting, color, balayage, ombre, styling, makeup services, and extensions

Hair Tip #4: Scrunch curly hair for extra volume 


Susana loves to do all different hair services from hair cutting, styling, texture to color, balayage, and makeup. She strives for perfection as well as satisfaction from all her clients

Hair Tip #5: Detangle your hair with your fingers instead of brush to avoid yanking and damage to hair. Do this daily!


Zonia’s nickname is “obsessed with hair”. She’s specializes in haircutting, styling, different blonding techniques from ombre to balayage, fantasy colors, and corrective color. She always stays ahead of hair trends. 

Hair Tip #6: Use colored/purple shampoo for blonde colors

What You Can Do Now To Show Support

Right now is the best time to show your support for local small businesses in town. If you’re preparing to book an appointment when everything is back open, buy a gift card now so you don’t have to worry about paying once your appointment is made. You can head straight to your party, event, etc, knowing that your hair and makeup is all set! Make sure you show your love for this amazing business!