WomenRising Is There to Help If You’re Not Feeling Safe At Home Right Now

Some of us are very fortunate to have a place we can call home and feel safe in. However, there are some that may not feel safe at home – and maybe more now given everything going on.

I reached out to the WomenRising team {based in New Jersey} to learn more about their resources and how they help women and families that have been looking for help. If you or anyone you know may not be feeling safe at home, please share this article with them and let them know they do not have to feel unsafe anymore.

About WomenRising

“WomenRising assists women and families to achieve self-sufficiency and live safe, productive, and fulfilling lives through social services, economic development, and advocacy services. We serve the community through four-core programs, Domestic Violence Services, Youth and Family Counseling Services, Permanent Supportive Housing, and Community Economic Development with the addition of a new program Healthy Women, Healthy Families.”

How WomenRising can help

“Please call WomenRising if you are a victim of domestic violence, in need of counseling services or other supportive services, unemployed or seeking new/additional employment or a pregnant woman/new mother in need of support at this time. “

How To Get Help

“During this time, if you are in need of help, please call our hotline: (201) 333-5700. Our hotline is available 24/7.”

WomenRising Statistics

“On average, WomenRising serves over 10,000 people each year. We support over 1,180 women on legal options, provide counseling to over 1,500 women and families, and provide immediate assistance over the phone to 3,600 individuals.”

Why WomenRising Is So Important During this Time

“WomenRising is the state-designated provider for domestic violence services in Hudson County. As the pandemic continues, we anticipate an extreme increase in calls to our hotline and need for shelter to increase. We need everyone to know domestic violence agencies are fully functional, and the hotlines are being answered. Please call us to get the help that you deserve.”

How Allies Can Help

“The most important thing for allies and fellow advocates to do is to share WomenRising’s hotline number (201) 333-5700 as well as the National Domestic Violence Hotline Number 1−800−799−7233. It is crucial for people to remind individuals in need: if you are a victim of domestic violence, you are not alone and help is out there, especially during this time.

Allies can also support the work WomenRising does by donating directly to the organization: or by shipping gift cards to ShopRite, Target, Walmart, etc. for our clients directly to our headquarters: 270 Fairmount Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07306.”

How to Stay Updated & Learn More

If you are seeking more information about WomenRising, you can visit them website:

Follow them on social media:

Twitter and Instagram: @womenrisinginc