Let’s be real – having a pet at home means that you may have to do some extra cleaning around the house.

While you are home living the #quarantinelife and maybe with your furry family member, I thought it would be fun to reach out to dog moms and ask them for their cleaning tips. Having a pet at home sometimes means you have to put in a little bit of extra work to make sure you get the satisfaction you need.

I’ve rounded up some local dog moms and asked for their tips on how they keep their home clean!

Mieke & Hogan

My biggest tip is to reduce germs/dirt in the first place!

Grove collaborative is my go-to for cleaning supplies. It’s a monthly service and you go in and update what you need before each box ships. They have tons of inventory and brands. I love Seventh Generation, Meyer and Method. 

Emily & Benny

A deep clean every other week. Counter tops cleaned everyday and sweeping every other day fools people every time. Two products that I can’t live without are magic eraser sheets and bartender’s best friend.

Ger & Prince

Luckily for us, Prince is a poodle mix so he doesn’t shed. However, he has quirky eating habits where he moves food 3 feet away from his bowl, breaks it down, and then eats the crumbs off the ground… 🤷🏻‍♀️ so before we go to bed every night I use a hand vacuum to get the crumbs and then wipe down with a Clorox wipe

Jessica, Raphi, & Ollie

To keep our couches clean, we always keep throw blankets on them. That way when we give the boys bones to chew which are messy or they’re shedding for the season, we can throw the dirty blankets in the wash and the couch stays pretty clean. It helps A LOT.

Sharon & Cooper

My dog sheds a lot so I have tried everything to keep his fur under control in the apartment. One of the best things for furniture is the Chom Chom roller. It picks up all of the hair! Also, I was tired of vacuuming everyday so I bought an affordable robot vacuum and it’s amazing, it has made my life such much easier!

Kimberley, Gamma, & Waffles

I love vacuuming and I think if you vacuum everyday, it helps alot! Also, having couch covers can protect your couch from fur buildup! I also like to have couch covers and wiping the dogs with unscented baby wipes after going out.

Got a cleaning tip and have pets? Please email kimberleybuenoschonig@gmail.com to get featured for our next round!