There are so many organizations working to support the community, and I’ve made a commitment to myself to use my platform to raise awareness of these important initiatives. So many are providing support to those in need and to those that have been affected by COVID-19.

You may not have heard about SOTH yet, but you will! Supporters of The Harborage is small but impactful group that has been making sure to provide meals to front line workers located at one of the hardest-hit locations in Hudson County, The Harborage. The facility has 181 confirmed positives and 25 deaths.

Learn more about SOTH and how you can get involved.

What is SOTH? Who Are They?

SOTH was formed by Hoboken resident, Erica Seitzman and currently has about 8 volunteers. SOTH is focused on helping the staff of The Harborage. When Erica heard they were in need of some help, she quickly mobilized a team!

Where is The Harborage?

The Harborage is located at the Palisades Medical Center,
7600 River Road North Bergen, NJ 07047

What is The Harborage?

The Harborage is a 245-bed nursing home providing outstanding, long-term care in a positive, compassionate, and unique setting. Located right on the Hudson River and adjacent to Palisades Medical Center, The Harborage offers spectacular views of Manhattan along with the peace of mind that comes from being so close to acute care if and when it’s needed. And the opposite is true, too — Palisades Medical Center residents in need of continued care can find it at The Harborage.

Palisades Medical

How Is SOTH Helping?

The Harborage was one of the hardest hit nursing homes by COVID-19 in Hudson County, with 181 confirmed positives, and 25 deaths. SOTH helps The Harborage feed their front line workers. Donors contribute directly to the restaurants who will then deliver delicious meals to the hardworking Harborage front line workers. SOTH does not collect donations. Instead, they connect individual donors with participating restaurants. Donors contribute directly to the restaurants who will then deliver the meals to the Harborage front line workers.

I don’t live in North Bergen, Can I still help?

Yes! You do not need to live in North Bergen to help out. This initiative was started by a Hoboken Resident and you are welcome to help in any way possible!

How Can You Help?

  1. Purchase a Chicken Sandwich from the Riverview Diner by calling 201-868-5400
  2. Make donation to the Bareburger Go Fund me page by clicking here
  3. Share, Like, and Follow to raise more awareness about this iniative! Like and share their FB page by clicking here.
  4. Join the FB group is you want to help! Join the FB group by clicking here.
  5. If you know a restaurant that would like to participate, or someone that would like to sponsor a meal, please email Erica Seitzman at 


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