If you didn’t know, today is Teacher Appreciation Day and I want to take this time to still give a special thanks to our teachers! This week is teacher appreciation week, so you still have time to say thank you to your {or your kid’n} teachers!

If there’s a teacher you want to highlight, please send us an email at kimberleybuenoschonig@gmail.com!

Erica Grossbaum

This is Erica Grossbaum, and she has been teaching special education at a downtown public school in Jersey City for 6 years now! Teaching special education is something she has always wanted to do. Her uncle has special needs and she always got such pleasure spending time with him. Erica set out to The College of New Jersey and received her undergraduate degree in English and joined the accelerated Master’s program in Special Education, which she graduated from in 2013. She loves teaching because of the reward that comes with working with children, especially those who need it most. Her favorite subject to teach is writing because it seems to be most challenging for students to grasp. She wants them to know that even when things get tough, there is always tomorrow. Teaching has a lot of flexibility too! Most recently, she received her Supervisor Certification from Rutgers University in hopes to become a director of special services down the road. Happy teacher appreciation week to all of those teachers out there! You work hard! 

Arielle & Matt Kuzdral

Arielle and Matt Kuzdral are a Hoboken based couple, both in education. Arielle is a pre-school teacher in Essex County, NJ. She works with 4 and 5 year old children as they prepare to graduate from Pre-K to the big leagues – Kindergarten! Arielle loves working with kids this age; they change and learn so much every single day and it is truly amazing to see!
Matt is a Behaviorist at a private school in Bergen County, NJ. He has been working with children with special needs from ages 5-21 for the last five years. Working with this deserving population is extremely fulfilling for Matt, who loves the challenging and rewarding work! In their spare time, Matt and Arielle love to read, spend time with their dog Cosmo, and spend time at the beach!

Lynda Marecic

Lynda began her career as a social worker in children’s mental health as an education advocate and in a therapeutic setting for kids with special needs.  She went back to school for Elementary Education and a Master’s in Special Education, spending the first half of her career in a Special Education classroom and the second half as a first grade classroom teacher in a public school outside of Pittsburgh, PA.  Upon relocating to Toronto, Canada, she worked as a first grade general studies teacher in an Orthodox Jewish School.  After living in the area for a little over a year, she had developed a private tutoring business focusing on working with beginning readers and struggling readers.  Her focus has recently changed to online tutoring, which has been doing really well!  Lynda lives in the Shades area of Weehawken with her husband and two dogs.  

Vanessa Tregenza

Vanessa has been teaching for the past 12 years.  She began my teaching career in Hoboken, which was wonderful to teach in our community.  Over the years, she’s taught kindergarten, first, and third grade, worked as a reading specialist and elementary ELA department chair.  She currently works as an elementary ESL teacher and teacher-in-charge.  Teaching is different with the current circumstances but it makes her proud to see how she’s adapted and grown as a profession in times of challenge.  When she’s not teaching, Vanessa coaches clients in her nutrition and online business, taking a workout class, or cooking with her fiancé.  She hopes all students and parents find peace and can flourish in these novel times.  

Kathleen Kowalski

Kathleen Kowalski is an 8th year, middle school art teacher in central Jersey. The daughter of an art teacher, she grew up with a great appreciation for art starting from a young age. Kathleen loves working with middle schoolers and is constantly blown away by their creativity and talent. During this time at home, Kathleen is teaching online art lessons via Zoom to students of all ages three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. You can sign up and donate at www.kathleenmariedesign.com/art-lessons.


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