City of Hoboken announced last night that dog runs will officially be opening up this Saturday on May 30th at 8AM.

I know for many dog owners, it’s been a tough time to not have the dog runs open, but now they can go to the dog parks!

There are guidelines that the City of Hoboken will be implementing, so make sure you check them out below.

City of Hoboken released the below statement:

To ensure everyone’s safety, we are introducing the following rules and requirements while utilizing the dog runs:

  • Social distancing: all dog owners must maintain at least six feet of separation at all times
  • Face masks or face covers are required at all times. Dog owners without a face mask or face cover will be denied entry
  • Dogs must be licensed with the City of Hoboken

City staff will be on hand to ensure the social distancing, face mask and capacity requirements are followed. To ensure appropriate social distancing can occur, capacity limits have been established:

1. Church Square Park (Large Dog Run Capacity: 20 people, Small Dog Run Capacity: 10 people)
2. Elysian Park (Dog Run Capacity: 15 people)
3. Harborside Park (Dog Run Capacity: 15 people)
4. Hudson Street (Large Dog Run Capacity:10 people, Small Dog Run Capacity: 5 people)
5. Stevens Park (Dog Run Capacity: 15 people)
6. Southwest Park (Dog Run Capacity: 10 people)
7. 14th Street Viaduct (Dog Run Capacity: 10 people. NOTE: The Viaduct Dog Park will be closed when the adjacent COVID-19 testing center is open to the public, 8 AM-4 PM Monday – Friday and 8 AM- 12 PM Saturday)
8. Maxwell Park (East Dog Run Capacity: 5 people, West Dog Run Capacity: 5 people)


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