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When it comes to Italian food, Leo’s Grandevous does not disappoint. What makes this restaurant special is that it is one of the oldest family-owned restaurants in Hoboken, New Jersey. I’m all about supporting family-run businesses so this was a pretty cool experience.

I have been to Leo’s several times pre-COVID and I absolutely love everything about their restaurant – what they represent, their staff, and of course, their food!

Leo’s is having their ribbon cutting today, June 15th at 2PM to celebrate their grand re-opening and we’re so excited for them! Be sure to check them out and order from them because they are amazing, just read about my experience before COVID so you can see what to look forward to when restrictions start to loosen up!

Leo’s Family Line

I was incredibly excited to have been able to interview Theresa De Palma, who is Leo’s first great grand daughter. She brings a whole lot of light and energy, and she was such a pleasure to interview. One of the things I asked her was what kind of customer experience she wants people to have at Leo’s and she said,

I want people to come in and have a meal feeling like they are a part of our family. They get to sit in Leo and Tessie’s home while eating the original meatball recipe while sharing laughs with their loved ones. Some Monday’s when it is quiet at the bar, I look into the dining room and everything becomes slow motion. I smile to myself and feel like I am a part of each and every table. Every laugh, every sip of wine, every “cheers” becomes a part of me. That’s what I want my customers to know. That they are family too. They are what keep Leo’s spirit alive.

Theresa De Palma

About Leo’s Grandevous

Leo’s Grandevous is not only the one of the oldest and best-known Italian restaurants in Hoboken NJ, it is the best place to come to appreciate the music of Frank Sinatra and the classic style of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Leo’s Grandevous

What You’ll See When You Walk In

When I entered Leo’s it reminded me of California {where I’m originally from} and for me I do consider California, home. In short, Leo’s felt like home to me. The smells made me feel very nostalgic and I couldn’t wait to order.

The first thing you’ll see is the bar. If you’re looking for a casual spot to order and drink at the bar, this place got you covered! If you’re looking for a more formal sit down, they can accommodate you as well. The restaurant is large so if you go further back, you can even have birthday parties or larger get gatherings there.

What I loved seeing was this awesome jukebox looking music player and all the photos that were hanging. Almost all of the photos were of Frank Sinatra and since I’m a fan, I honestly thought it was very cool.

What I’ve Ordered

Complimentary Bread

No matter what you order, you’ll get free bread and for me OH MY GOODNESS. I absolutely love free bread, especially when it comes this big!

Seafood Salad

If you’re a seafood lover like myself and you are craving a salad, make sure you try this! I love the mix of seafood and the tomato added to the mix was such a great touch to the salad.

Black Truffle Burrata

This was honestly one of my favorite burratas I’ve ever ordered. I’m not a huge fan of truffle, but this paired so well with their garlic bread and I just wanted to eat more and more. This is a dish you cannot pass up!

Lobster Ravioli {Special Item}

This lobster ravioli was so good and honestly it paired so well with their complimentary bread. I will say the price of this dish is on the higher end so it may be something you need to splurge on, but absolutely delish! The broth was soo delicious, I pretty much made sure to use their bread to soak up all the broth I could.

White Garlic Mussels

Leo’s is known for their mussels. I’m not usually a huge fan of mussels, but this place does a great job of not only being generous with the amount of mussels – but the quality is great too! This is another dish where you’ll want extra bread to soak up all the delicious broth!

Wine Of Our Choice For The Night

The day we decided to eat at this restaurant was a day that Tom and I felt like we needed to treat ourselves to a place that served seafood. When we saw the menu we decided to try this Chianti and boy did it taste so good! Loved their wine and alcohol menu.

My Final Thoughts

You must try this place! This a place you HAVE to experience and order from, and shows off some of the best food in Hoboken. You won’t be disappointed! I absolutely love their cuisine and if you’re a fan of Italian food, you must order from them. I will definitely be coming back. You must head over there and try their food! If you do, please let them know I sent you.


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