Disclaimer: I share my experience getting tested for COVID-19 in Hoboken, NJ. Your City and State may have different processes in place, so make sure to check with your local city on anything pertaining to COVID-19.

On May 2nd, City of Hoboken shared the following on Facebook,

Any Hoboken residents or frontline workers, with or without symptoms. If you think you need a test, one is available for you. Please call 201-420-5621 (Monday – Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm) to the Hoboken C.E.R.T. Community Emergency Response hotline in Hoboken City Hall to schedule a required appointment as no walk-ins are permitted.‬

City Of Hoboken

This article is purely to share my experience in case you were wondering what the process was like and how to get tested. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, be sure to reach out to your city officials directly to learn more information.

Since the stay-at-home order was initiated, my husband and I followed orders and stayed home for as long as we could. We only went out to walk our dogs and pick up groceries or supplies we needed. I did not experience any symptoms of being sick or having COVID; but appreciated that we could get tested to see if we were was asymptomatic. We both received our results stating that we were negative.

How Do I Get Tested?

For Hoboken residents, you must call the Hoboken Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) to make an appointment as testing does not allow any walk-ins (at this time).

For Jersey City residents, you must call the COVID-19 Testing Call Center in order to make an appointment.

Who Do I Call To Make An Appointment?

As of right now, the only way to get tested is to make an appointment. To make an appointment, call Hoboken CERT 201-420-5621. Their line is open Monday through Saturday from 9AM-5PM.

For Jersey City, there are many ways to get tested, but calling the COVID-19 Testing Call Center is the best first step. You can call 201-547-5535 to get more information.

Is It Free To Get Tested?

According to the Hoboken City’s website,

The test will be free for all Hoboken residents. If a resident’s insurance does not pay the cost of the test, the City of Hoboken will cover the cost, which is approximately $50. Once an appointment is secured, the resident can either have the testing done through a drive-through with a vehicle, or through a walk-in station.

City of Hoboken

According the Jersey City official website,

Testing will continue Monday through Friday at the drive-through site located in the southwest portion of the city at 575 NJ-440. In an effort to expand access to some of our most vulnerable residents, the walk-up testing site will operate on the rotating schedule below:

Mondays & Wednesdays – Outside Public Safety Headquarters located at 465 Marin Boulevard

Tuesdays – Mobile testing at various Jersey City Housing Authority locations

Thursdays – Mobile testing at various senior living facilities

Fridays – Mary McLeod Bethune Community Center located at 140 MLK Drive

Jersey City New Jersey

Where Do I Go To Get Tested?

Hoboken CERT can confirm the exact directions or location you will need to head to, but for,

Any Hoboken resident with symptoms of COVID-19 is now eligible to receive a test through the existing Riverside Medical Center testing center on 14th Street between Jefferson Street and Madison Street.

City of Hoboken

How Long Is The Test?

From my experience, the test alone takes 15 minutes or less. When I got tested, they checked for my temperature and took a cotton swab and swabbed both nostrils. Because you do have to make an appointment and there is potentially a wait-time, the entire process may be longer than 15 minutes. From the moment I waited in line to leaving the testing area, the entire process took about an hour and a half.

Does It Hurt To Get Tested?

Personally, I wouldn’t say it hurt. But it was definitely uncomfortable. I like to describe it as a very very dry heat experience in my nose. It did make my eyes water, since they swabbed each nostril for a few seconds.

Where Can I Learn More Information?

You can review the official announcement on the City of Hoboken’s site by clicking here. You can learn more about Hoboken CERT by clicking here.

Does This Apply To My City As Well?

Please make sure to contact your City official to learn about the processes they may have in place. Each City may have different processes, so make sure you contact the right person or organization for more information.

Hoboken now also offers testing for Individuals that work in Hoboken!

You can now get tested if you work in Hoboken! To sign up to get tested, please call 201-420-5621 to set up an appointment.


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