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As a huge foodie, please keep in mind that I provide honesty and transparency in all of my reviews. You may or may not agree, but hey at least you’re taking my thoughts into account. I purely write these blog posts for entertainment, but also a way to provide valuable food insight for you with a goal to help you save time and money.

A close friend had reached out to meet up for brunch at this spot called Le Village de Lafayette and of course I had to take photos and share my two cents on whether or not it’s worth going to. Keep scrolling to read my thoughts.

What is Le Village de Lafayette?

Le Village de Lafayette considers themselves, “an everyday grand cafe and bakery in the ceremony of French cooking.” They are located in lower Manhattan [NoHo] at 38 Lafayette St, NY, NY 10003. They are near a metro station for those that take public transportation! In terms of parking, I don’t have a car but I would assume based off of how busy it was – it’s probably difficult to find parking.

From my perspective, Le Village de Lafayette, is essentially a classy place to get brunch with family and friends. To be completely honest, I highly recommend getting a reservation at this spot. It was incredibly busy and booked and I think to save you time and frustration, you should reserve a table for yourself.

Luckily, my friend reserved us a ‘Le Village’, which essentially means you get your own private outdoor tent. Let me tell you about their ‘Le Village’…

What is a Le Village?

They state that a Le Village is a private chalet with your own private space and dedicated service team. Each booking is for 2 hours and requires that all guests follow the NYC and CDC guidelines for social distancing and face coverings.

The cost is $105.00/person AND what we found out is that you have to pay in advance. Keep in mind that this doesn’t cover the cost of any alcohol. You are essentially paying for the private space they’ve provided you and some complimentary small plates.

What is included in a Le Village?

According to their website, if you reserve on of the private tents, you’ll get the following:

Warm Baguette & Cultured Butter, Choice of Appetizer, Choice of Entree, Choice of Dessert. Coffee and Tea Included

However, now that I’ve reviewed this myself, I realized that my friend and I never got our dessert. So I won’t be able to review their dessert unfortunately.

Here’s what I Ate

Overall, I think the cuisine was okay. Personally, I’m a huge fan of meaty breakfasts (steak and eggs or irish breakfasts), but I would not be surprised if tons of people enjoy the food. Honestly, my favorite item were the roasted potatoes (cost extra) and it was so delicious! I devoured it. The endive salad was alright. I was just happy that I didn’t leave the table hungry. For me, it’s the end for me if I end up leaving the table hungry or hugely disappointed in the quality of food – but that was definitely not the case for me at this place.

Is it worth it?

Honestly, if you’re looking for a spot with decent food and something you can post on Instagram then this is definitely a spot to check out and try. You will be paying a little more because you get to experience a new type of privacy that I think is incredibly desirable. I loved the aesthetic of the private space, but if you’re someone who values food over everything then maybe this isn’t a place for you.

I’d recommend this spot to meet up with friends and enjoy the ambiance of a private tent. I personally think the way they dressed up the tent was really enjoyable. You have your own personal heater and a cute aesthetic to make you feel fancy. There is a time limit so I’d recommend being conscientious of making sure you get there on time because they do try their best to enforce the time limit. In addition, note that alcohol and other items are not included in the ‘Le Village’ menu so you may have to pay on top of what you pay to reserve the tent.


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