If you’re looking for a great brunch spot, you need to check out this spot in Lower East Side in Manhattan. As a huge fan of food, I promise you that you’ll enjoy this restaurant.

How To Find This Spot

Pig & Butter exterior

Pig & Butter is located at 134 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002. It almost does feel like this place is a hole in the wall, so be sure to look for their signage as seen in my photo!

What Does Seating Look Like?

I will say that the interior of this restaurant is on the smaller end so if you come with a large group of people, I recommend reserving yourself a table so you don’t arrive without a seat. Trust me, you’ll want a seat. Since it was just Tom and I, it was easy for us to grab a table (we also came before rush hour)!

If you’re looking to sit outside, they have some outdoor seating as well.

What did I order?

We ordered the Pastrami Smoke Salmon Omelette, the Mexican Chorizo Scramble, and “The Conductor”! Everything was so delicious and I highly recommend ordering it. The Pastrami Smoke Salmon Omelette was one of my favorite things on the menu, I was honestly surprised by the combination but it was so delicious – I wanted to order another one but I was so full. I love the Mexican Chorizo Scramble especially with hot sauce because it hit he right spot for me. Tom was obsessed with The Conductor. Now, I wasn’t sure what to expect given the color and look of it – but the flavor was on point! I was in love with the flavors The Conductor offers. Everything was amazing!

Obviously when you’re going out for Brunch you want to make sure you get some great drinks with your meal. Now, they do not serve alcoholic beverages, but if you’re looking for an amazing refreshing drink – especially on a hot day..this place got you!

We loved their hazelnut coffee and their special lemonades. You will want to order it, trust me.

Pig & Butter Special Services

What is also really awesome about this restaurant is that they offer cooking classes and catering services! If you’re looking to have a date night or host a party, be sure to reach out to Pig & Butter for their amazing food!

Is it worth it?

YES! If you don’t believe me, you’ll need to check it out yourself.


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